The Votes Are All In! Our One Hundred Winners Accouncement!


Final One Hundred Winners!

It’s been an honor and a delight being invited into the classrooms of our One Hundred Heroes. Seeing what you have accomplished this past year and the huge hearts you have for your students and schools has challenged all of us to dig in and do more.

With great respect, here are our final winners in One Hundred Heroes:

Peyton Ding, Kumon of Charlotte
Stacey Noreika, Fitch High School
Tricia Louis, Richland Center High School
Ashley Houseknecht, Southern Cayuga Central School
Allix Regina, PS238 Anne Sullivan
Vicki Carow, Pfluger Elementary
Rubystine Wright, Como Primary School
Rebecca Nova, P.S. 206
Heather Sulzer Regina, PS97
Erika Caradine, Walbridge STEAM
Kate Wesseling, Fillmore ES
Tonyetta Easley, Kindezi Old Fourth ward
Mrs Alexis Morehead, Rowlett Academy
Nurgul Turan, PS/IS 206
Jennifer Polycarpe, Ralph Pfluger Elementary School
Emtiaz Hussain, PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb
Helen Rada, Public School 206
Mahsuda, PS206
Ms.Zokari, P.S k134
Cathlene (Cathy) Daley, Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Luz Molina, PS 75
Diana Beckvold, Holliston High School
Mary D Hopkins, Garfield High School
Katelyn Gutowski, Santa Clarita Valley International
Maria Peyret, Miami Beach Fienberg Fisher K8
Jeanette K Statt, Hastings High School
Myriame Pierre, Boston Public School District
Mike McAndrew, CS 61
Lisa Klein, IS 145 Joseph Pulitzer Middle School
Aura Monge, Millbrook Elementary
Randi Freedman, PS 206 Joseph F. Lamb
Rochelle Jamison, Southeastern High School
Camille Henry, Cary Elementary School
Cheryl Bridges, Trona Elementary
Diana Halteh, Millbrook Elementary
Joanne Haugh, I.S. 145Q
Abayomi Adedokun, Meadowcreek High School
Gillian Bailey, Piedmont High School
Ghazel Rashid, Al-Qalam Academy
Pooja Makwana, Kumon math and reading center
Sawsan Elmasri, Alfred Noble Elementary School
Kathy Duong,  Anne Sullivan Elementary School
Kiana Curry, Young Leaders Academy @ PS 369
Andria Mullan, Piedmont Middle School
Jamila Collymore, PS 38
Mrs.Mcandrew,  P.S. 38 Roberto clemente complex
Kim Fitzgerald, PS 61
Dr. Sharonda Johnson, Southeastern High School
Hannah Bjork, Piedmont high school
Marna Chamberlain, Piedmont High School
M'lisa Kelley, Piedmont High School
Tiffany Babb, PS 61 Francisco Oller School
Erik Kwong, Rosemont Middle School
Sandra Craig, P.S 38 Roberto Clemente Complex
Debbie Opray, Millbrook Elementary School
Danesha Lester, Young Leader Elementary School
D’Jella Gray, New Life Christian Academy
Michelle Iwanaka, Kauluwela Elementary School
Andrea Marx, Joseph Pulitzer Intermediate School IS 145Q
Ms. Brown, KIPP All Middle School
Michele Ryan, Emily Howland Elementary
Steven Schulz, Poplar Elementary
Megan Tapia, SCVI
Amanda Tuller,  Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School (SCVi)
Christina Rodgers, Denby High School
Krithika Venkatesan, Kumon Math & Reading of Huntersville
Maame Stephens,  Kumon
Phylicia Furlow, Southeastern High School
Samantha Shuk, Southeastern High School
Jade Owens, Kirkland Group
Alka Garg, Kumon of Charlotte
Marvin Ware, Southeastern High School
Blair Sawyers, Southeastern High School
Selwyn Kumar, Piedmont High School
Marizol Alas, Lime Street Elementary
Yehudah Zarzar, PS/IS 206
Diana Sanchez, Santa Clarita Valley International School
Isaac Avila, San Gabriel Unified School District
Nicole Rosimini, PS134K
Kiana Curry, Young Leaders Elementary
Lydia Adams,  Havens Elementary
Bonnie Meyers, Unstoppable Dyslexia
Kim Rieder, Baker-Butler Elementary School
Anh Nguyen, Kumon Learning Center of Richmond - Libbie
Vincenza Gibaldi, PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb
Patricia Nixon, Greenhill Intermediate School
Akiriah Williams, Greenhill Intermediate School
Kendra Armstrong, Greenhill Intermediate School
Cheateu Mcjunkins, Greenhill Intermediate School
Peggy Gipson, Greenhill Intermediate School
Angela Wells, Greenhill Intermediate School
Crystal Walker, Bay Springs Elementary School
Kellyann DiMarinis, PS 61
Alison Pollak, Is 145
Syon Powell, KIPP All Middle School
Lynn Amos, Green Hill Intermediate School
Michael Holland, Green Hill Intermediate School
Sheri Lewellen, Daniel C Oakes High School

Congratulations to all of you. We hope that your TutorCam GO’s will provide that necessary bit of added support allowing your virtual classrooms to reach farther and more effectively than before. We’d love to hear back from you about how you’ve used your TutorCams in your classes at

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