How Do You TutorCam: Travel and Family Time

How Do You TutorCam: Travel and Family Time

While traveling may be the last thing on the minds of many, for some, it’s still very much a necessity.

Researchers travel to pandemic hotspots to learn more about the behavior and pathing of the infectious diseases. Military members continue to deploy. Shipping and freight companies are needed now more than ever, which require mobility of certain departments.

If you follow the trends in real estate, you also know that many families are taking advantage of the new-found mobility through remote work. They are moving to more affordable areas, or their dream locations now that they are not locked into a geographical location.

Travel and relocating bring a common inevitable. Separation from loved ones.

This week’s “How Do You TutorCam” offers a chance to stay connected with friends, family, even work.


You’re a person on the move, whether by choice or by obligation. Either way, you may have been one of over 5 million people that passed through TSA checkpoints last week. Even though the travel industry is experiencing record lows, for many it’s unavoidable.

Enter our TutorCam GO!

The TutorCam GO folds flat for easy storage in laptop bags and suitcases, making it an essential travel companion. Here are just a few of the limitless ways TutorCam helps you stay connected while you’re on the go:

  • Continue to help your high schooler with their algebra lessons from afar.
  • Deployed military can participate in gift giving by allowing them to see both their loved ones open their presents up close as well as their priceless first-sight reactions.
  • Teachers can use TutorCam Go’s for “virtual field trips” that allow them to share from books and on location at the same time.
  • Cell phones are easily turned into document cameras to share important work documents during meetings.


Family Time:

The BlueKube Team spans 8 timezones. We’re a fully remote company by original design. While remote teams may seem to discourage a culture of connection, nothing is further from the truth with BlueKube.

Instead of the traditional “holiday party”, we hosted our own holiday event using Zoom and our TutorCams while we shared our holiday joy and played Bingo.

We even had a guest appearance of Pocket, one of our team member’s beloved pooches! We suspect Pocket was cheating at Bingo because “mysteriously”, Peter’s losing streak seem to vanish. Very suspicious indeed.

I will say that even though Peter’s questionable side companion, my TutorCam revealed my sound victory.

“Family” means a lot of things to a lot of people. Family by blood, by life or by work. TutorCam keeps you connected and present regardless of distance.

While TutorCam was invented during the pandemic to provide support to our teachers and students, it’s uses have expanded far beyond what we could have imagined. Travel will eventually return to normal. Families will always move. Separations will continue to happen. The demand for remote work and distance learning options will continue.

Regardless of the reason for the distance, TutorCam is here to help bring you back together virtually.

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