How Do You TutorCam: Craft Play Dates to Tarot Readings

How Do You TutorCam: Craft Play Dates to Tarot Reading

TutorCam was invented to bring teachers and students closer together in spite of the forced distance during the pandemic. Yet the education was far from the only area that was impacted.

As Rebecca Nova, one of our One Hundred Heroes succinctly put it, “Many of the students haven't seen their friends and classmates in a very long time. That can take a huge toll on a person. The children say all the time how much they miss each other and their friends.”

In this week’s “How Do You TutorCam”, our community shares how they keep their kids connected with their friends with fun activities.

We’re very lucky to have such a diverse group of people in the TutorCam Community. Endless hobbies, careers, past times and passions have joined with TutorCam to keep people involved, learning and working. We even have a member that uses her TutorCam to continue her Tarot Card readings!

Here are tips for both Virtual Craft Times and Tarot Card readings with TutorCam:

Virtual Craft Play Date:

With a little coordination from parents, your kids can continue to get together virtually and work on fun crafts while keeping their distance.

Julie shared how she and her children’s parents each purchased melted bead craft kits like this one. Using their TutorCams, the kids were all able to see each other’s projects while they chatted, joked and laughed, all as if they were in the same room together.

No play date is complete without a quick snack. The children can continue their visit hands free by switching their mobile phone or tablet cameras to the front-facing, use their TutorCams for stands.

Tarot Card Reading:

With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s no wonder that people are turning to the divine for answers. Google searches for astrology, tarot card reading and energy healing have exploded in popularity this year.

One member of our community continues to offer guidance with the use of her TutorCam and tarot cards. It enables her to offer comfort, connection and sense of purpose and direction during a volatile time.

How do you TutorCam? Share your stories and experiences with how TutorCam keeps you connected to your work, hobbies and loved ones with #howdoyoututorcam, email us at or comment below.

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