How do you tutorcam: Cooking and Board Games

Social connection is not a nice luxury, it is a basic need. With a world gone virtual, that connection is harder to achieve. When our community began posting photos and sending us emails about the many ways they are using TutorCam, not just in schools but in day to day lives, we knew we needed to share their tips!

During “How do you TutorCam?” we’re passing along the many ways that TutorCam can bring you back together with your loved ones.


Food is so much more than for our nutritional benefit. We eat to celebrate, we eat to comfort and we eat to connect.

Cooking with family and friends is likely to rank high in anyone’s list of fondest memories. Whether we’ve relocated, away on business or practicing social distancing, cooking together has become a joy displaced. Not so anymore with TutorCam!

Cooking instructors that were prevented from continuing their lessons, can now resume teaching their culinary arts with TutorCam.

Since family gatherings are kept to a minimum, that doesn't mean you have to forego traditional food that is an expected staple at the holiday table. Grandmothers can once again pass on their time honored and well-loved recipes virtually.

Friends are brought together again and can demonstrate their new favorite keto recipe or baking technique!

The TutorCam PRO helps with its built in LED-light, keeping your cooking space well lit and in full view. If counterspace is limited, the nimble TutorCam GO might be the perfect fit.

In the above photo, Naomi, 14 years old, connects with one of her school buddies by showing her a new favorite protein pancake recipe with her TutorCam. Both Naomi and her bestie are big into working out and eating healthy. They call each other their “accountabili-buddies” as they encourage each other’s efforts to stay on top of working out and eating right even in the middle of the pandemic by using TutorCam.


Board Games

A healthy dose of competition keeps us sharp and quick. However, if your family is anything like mine, social distancing may have actually spared you some tears when it comes to the “spirit of competition”. No age or limitation is safe from the destruction that comes with “Draw Four” “Reverse” then “Draw Four” again.

Reinstate Family Game Night with TutorCam and bring everyone back together.

Dust off that neglected chess board, Monopoly or Life. All that is needed is a TutorCam to broadcast the game board and a dedicated game master to move the pieces.

Each participant will need their own dice and game peripherals like special action cards. Not all games can be adapted for use with a TutorCam, but in our family, it’s not a matter of what game that is played, it’s how badly we can annihilate our opponent!

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