How Do You TutorCam: Bullet Journaling!


How Do You TutorCam: Bullet Journaling!

If you’ve poked around the internet for information on journaling, you’ve probably come across the bullet journal, affectionately called the BuJo.

Ryder Carrol “invented” the bullet journal nearly nine years ago. It was created as an organization tool that would serve as planner, diary, sketchbook, scrapbook, daily inspiration and more!

Typically, bullet journals have pages filled with dots that can be used to make up squares or keep your sketches well-proportioned, however, as with many things, it has evolved to include lined paper as well as blank sheets.

Similar to scrapbooking, bullet journaling has garnered an impressive following, inspiring journaling aficionados to gather together for creative sessions. As gatherings became discouraged and, in some areas, prohibited due to the pandemic, bullet journalists were forced to return to their hobby alone.

Enter TutorCam.

TutorCam keeps your hands free to work on your project page while allowing your phone or tablet to serve as a document camera, sharing your workspace with your friends and family. By connecting your laptop to the same virtual meeting room (via Zoom, Google Meet or a host of others), not only can you share your workspace, your fans can see your face too!

Whether you host bullet journaling lessons and are looking for the best way to continue your classes virtually, or simply enjoy hanging out with other journalists while you work, the TutorCam makes it possible.

TutorCam was invented by Brandon Kennington, as a way to help teachers navigate the abrupt shift to remote learning. Much like bullet journaling, it has since transformed into something more. It not only connects students and teachers, but businesspeople, crafters, gamers and beyond!

While COVID may have been the catalyst to its invention, TutorCam is being used to bring long distance friends, families and deployed military back together. It also helps relieve loneliness resulting from necessary quarantine by providing a safe way for loved ones to connect.

How do you TutorCam? Let us know in the comments below!

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