Allix Regina is a true hero. Allix is a special education teacher at PS28 in Brooklyn, New York, and with the COVID-19 pandemic stretching resources, her remote learning classes have grown to 35 students with unique needs.
TutorCam inventor Brandon Kennington came up with the "One Hundred Heroes" competition to reward teachers who are going above and beyond in these tough times and Allix is a perfect recipient. Brandon is giving away TutorCam Go devices to 100 heroic teachers like Allix. “I have been a special education teacher for the DOE for two years now," Allix said. "Most of my children are learning disabled. I am an ICT teacher but I’ve had to take on 35 kids remotely with IEP students. It is almost impossible for my IEP students to keep up
this year.”
Some school districts were caught without adequate technology to support their students. Allix’s school was no exception. “Even with differentiated work, the lack of in person one-on-one or small group time has challenged them beyond anything they have had to deal with before," she said. "A big struggle for my students is the technology. This is why I have been looking into different projectors so that we can get back to the basics because a lot if my IEP students need that basic structure while they transition into remote work."
TutorCams are easy to use, inexpensive and do not need an app or additional software. They allow students to watch their teacher’s pencil and paper as the teacher demonstrates live how to complete a math problem, English exercise or science quiz. TutorCams have a special optical lens to focus on documents, workbooks etc. on their desk by using a mobile phone or tablet camera.
NBC’s Today Show just declared TutorCam a “must-have” in a segment hosted by style expert Jenn Falik, who told the iconic morning show’s audience the device was one of her favorite products for fall.
The One Hundred Heroes giveaway began October 13 and ends October 27.
Do you know a teacher who has struggled with tech, budget or other issues and could benefit from a free TutorCam Go? Tell us her/his story. In your entries please tell us the teacher's name, school, state and why you believe she/he deserves a free TutorCam Go. There are several ways to enter.
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